Day 17 – Helicopter Training Flight #17 – Student’s First ‘Ramp Solo’

This is the seventeenth training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

A ‘ramp solo’ means he was solo walking out to the ramp – the Instructor stayed inside drinking coffee – so the student didn’t have someone watching over him.  As there was no instruction going on, from a viewer’s perspective this is really just lots of uneventful circuits in the pattern (for the student to build solo time & confidence).

Due to flying with one door off, the airflow creates some extra noise, which means some interference in the audio in some parts of the video. Also radio calls hard to hear on this video because the instructor’s headset is not on board for this solo.

To view the student’s first solo flight, click here.


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