Day 9 – Helicopter Training Flight #9 – Autorotation Entry, New Airport, Hover Autos…

This is the ninth training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

In this lesson we continue to work on entering the autorotation and making a power recovery at altitude.  We also go to another new airport (Sunriver) and work on emergency procedures, governor off operations and hover autos.

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


0:30 Be in the habit of always knowing what the wind will do to you BEFORE you pick up
2:20 Use all visual indicators to help determine wind direction
5:00 Good practice to get 300′ above the ground before turning (in case of engine failure)
6:15 Get baseline for temperatures & pressures once in cruise to see any trend during flight
7:25 Good habit to verbalize actions
10:45 When to switch frequency
11:45 ALT cation light emergency procedure
16:45 Use the A/FD to learn airport traffic pattern and noise abatement procedures#
20:00 Aviate, Navigate & then Communicate
22:00 Get local altimeter settings from UNICOM if no weather reporting service
26:00 Avoid quick/large collective movements
26:45 Airport Advisory
27:50 Demo of approach with non-standard approach path
32:25 Height = options if engine failure
33:40 Watch out for airplanes navigating roads
34:40 MR Temp emergency procedure
39:00 Autorotation entry and recovery at altitude
49:30 Keep eyes outside on entry to autorotation – maintain pitch attitude
53:07 Nose drop on entry
55:20 Control isolation to work on eyes outside to maintain attitude – student with cyclic only
1:02:40 Things to consider when heading in to an airport
1:05:00 Governor off flight
1:07:25 Avoid blade slap over houses – noise abatement
1:11:20 Autorotation to flare demonstration
1:14:20 Hover autos – don’t lower collective!
1:18:25 Rotor downwash diameter
1:19:10 Throttle & pedal work in practice for hover autos
1:24:25 Learning hover autos is hard!
1:26:20 Air taxi & quick stop

To view all the videos in this series, check out this YouTube playlist of all the Flight Training Sessions (Full-Length Unedited)

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