Day 8 – Helicopter Training Flight #8 – First Autorotation Entry & Recovery at Altitude…

This is the seventh training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

In this lesson we focus on the student entering the autorotation and making a power recovery at altitude.  In autorotation training, it is important to establish a good entry and glide technique before moving onto the flare.

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


0:10 Mag check – if you accidentally go to OFF position
1:40 Keep hand on throttle
3:30 Low RPM warning check – very small movement with collective
4:10 Check weather before pickup
5:40 Setting radio volumes to prioritize
11:35 Line up and Wait
20:50 Be predictable
27:15 Avoiding flow of fixed wing traffic
27:40 Have a safety road for autorotation practice
29:00 Cyclic position and resting wrist to avoid fatigue
30:25 Max climb configuration
31:00 Looking for wires
31:20 Know where the wind is coming from in case of forced landing
32:35 Autorotation entry & recovery at atltitude
34:45 Playing with RPM and descent rate
35:30 Look outside and aft cyclic to maintain attitude
36:40 Practice collective and cyclic for entry without roll off
37:30 Collective down = nose down
41:10 Student first auto entry

To view all the videos in this series, check out this YouTube playlist of all the Flight Training Sessions (Full-Length Unedited)

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