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Performance & limitations including weight and balance, in and out of ground effect hover ceilings (IGE & OGE), never exceed speeds (Vne), manifold pressures (MAP), etc

Near OGE hover limits with a tailwind

Out of ground effect (OGE) hover charts are based on zero wind conditions. What happens if you are near OGE limits with a tailwind? See NTSB report here.

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Exceeding Weight and Balance Limitations

  • What are the effects of nearing or exceeding weight and balance limitations?
  • What can you expect if your CG is too far aft or fore?
  • What about being above maximum gross weight?
  • How can you reduce or mitigate these problems?
  • How does CG change in flight?

Watch the following video to learn how to manage weight and balance, with an emphasis on the Robinson R22 Helicopter.

Click to watch Weight and Balance Management video

Weight and Balance Management video preview

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How do you determine Weight and Balance?

Calculation Method, Table Method or Graph Method? How do you determine weight and balance? The following video walks you through each, with an emphasis on the Robinson R22 Helicopter and preparation for the Private Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter Knowledge Test:

Click to watch a video on Weight and Balance Determination

Weight and Balance Determination Video

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Helicopter Weight and Balance Terms

Do you know the difference between Basic Empty Weight and Standard Empty Weight? Do you know what Datum, Arm and Moment mean? Learn more by watching this video on Helicopter Weight and Balance Definitions

Click to watch a video on Helicopter Weight and Balance Definitions

Weight and Balance Definitions Video

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