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Review of accident reports and how we might learn from them

R22 – Pull cruise trim, NOT mixture!

Always reach left around the cyclic column when pulling cruise trim in an R22 to minimize the chance of pulling the mixture by mistake.

This recent accident is not the first and won’t be the last I’m sure. Happened a couple of months ago, see the NTSB report here.

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Near OGE hover limits with a tailwind

Out of ground effect (OGE) hover charts are based on zero wind conditions. What happens if you are near OGE limits with a tailwind? See NTSB report here.

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How a Service Bulletin is born…

A good example of how a mechanical failure leads to a manufacturer’s Service Bulletin (SB) being issued:

Accident: NTSB Accident Brief of Accident

Which leads to…

Service Bulletin: Robinson R44 Service Bulletin SB-86 – Rotor RPM Sender Magnets

Side note – good job on the safe landing!

Service Bulletin’s are not mandatory* – that would be a FAA Airworthiness Directive, which often evolve from SBs.

* See Mike’s comment below

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Experienced pilot killed by rotor

Never let your guard down – I think about rotor safety every time I go near a helicopter with the rotors spinning. Read the USA Today article about an experiened pilot killed by rotor:

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