Day 28 – Helicopter Training Flight #28 – Slopes, 180° Autorotations & More…

This is the twenty eighth training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

Working on most maneuvers with a big emphasis of 180° autorotations. Some highlights of this lesson:

  • 180° autorotations (left and right turns)
  • Straight-in autorotations
  • Running landings
  • Slope operations
  • Steep approach
  • Max performance takeoff

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


01:00 watch out for carb heat assist reducing carb heat when you first pickup…
01:50 know how use of carb heat negatively affects OGE/IGE performance by up to 2000′
02:00 consider how being beyond OGE performance will affect/limit possible maneuvers BEFORE attempting them…
05:00 running landing- always good start if close to OGE limits
05:20 use of ‘departing’ versus ‘take off’ radio calls
06:30 never aft cyclic to slow ground run
08:00 discussion on reducing ground run
08:25 two more running landings from low air taxi
12:00 no checkride requirement for ‘hitting’ a spot on running landing for a checkride
12:50 on checkride if flying non standard pattern altitude, let examiner know it is deliberate and the reason why
13:30 straight in autorotation
15:40 some people use a sight picture to line up target with specific part of windshield for entry, others just ‘feel’ it out – whatever works
17:30 keep in flare after roll on if still have ground speed and enough height to clear tail (different method if full down)
18:00 exaggerate head movements to show to examiner you are visually clearing
18:40 straight in autorotation
19:20 speak up if someone tries to takeoff while you are on the runway!!
20:45 180 autorotation
23:20 keep eyes on horizon during turn of 180 to avoid nose drop/raise
23:45 climb more in the upwind for 180 autorotations and use close to best climb speed
28:20 180 autorotation – go around due to low rpm on roll out to level attitude – remember to lower collective to maintain RPM while completing turn
31:45 180 autorotation – if RPM/airspeed low, be more aggressive in flare to maintain RPM
34:00 steep approach
37:30 slope operations – consider wind direction (among other things) when selecting a suitable slope
40:25 beware of wet mud sucking the skid down while trying to pickup
41:30 don’t turn tail towards the higher terrain
42:35 try holding on one skid to build control and confidence
43:10 slowly lower collective after both skids down, in case of slip/slide
45:00 air taxi and quickstop
46:30 demonstration of max performance takeoff
50:35 left 180 autorotation – watch nose up/down attitude against horizon
54:20 checking out a fire- ground units already on scene
55:45 left 180 autorotation
1:00:15 keep an eye on where light jets takeoff/land for wake turbulence avoidance
1:01:10 right 180 autorotation (listen to RPM decay in roll out to wings level) – go around due to low RPM
1:04:00 right 180 autorotation
1:05:15 air taxi and quick stop
1:06:30 stay over taxi centreline
1:07:30 hover autos

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