Day 27 – Helicopter Training Flight #27 – Running Landings, Off Airport, Autos & More…

This is the twenty seventh training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

More practice to bring maneuvers up to checkride requirements and build safe aeronautical decision making. Some highlights of this lesson:

  • Running landings
  • Off airport operations
  • Steep approach
  • Max performance takeoff
  • Autorotations
  • Hover work – pirouettes
  • Hover autos

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


04:00 normal approach
08:30 running landing
10:00 “say again”
16:00 running landing
18:15 “line up and wait”
19:15 straight in autorotation
24:30 don’t bump/bounce the cyclic
25:00 straight in autorotation (thermals)
28:30 straight in autorotation
38:15 off airport
45:00 go around due to requiring too much power
48:00 use “last call at Bend, say again” to verify position reports
49:50 giving way to traffic already in the traffic pattern
50:15 aim midfield if thermals at the approach end of runway
50:50 straight in autorotation – thermals still making it hard to learn
53:20 demonstration of steep approach
57:00 air taxi & quickstop
59:20 discussion of the expect gust front from the inbound storm
1:00:10 step approach
1:03:10 hover work – pirouettes
1:05:40 working with the glider takeoff opposite direction with good communication
1:06:10 steep approach
1:09:00 air taxi & normal descent to hover
1:10:50 hover autos
1:11:40 aircraft control becoming more instinctive means not having to think so much before making the aircraft do what you want
1:13:50 max performance takeoff
1:16:50 monitor the wind sock – the gust front arrived so abort 180 auto
1:17:00 running landings with air taxi between
1:21:20 demonstration of just the touchdown of running landing
1:22:00 practice running landings from hover

To view all the videos in this series, check out this YouTube playlist of all the Flight Training Sessions (Full-Length Unedited)

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