Day 14 – Helicopter Training Flight #14 – 1st Autorotation to Flare, Slopes, Governor Malfunctions…

This is the fourteenth training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22.

Due to flying with one door off, the airflow creates some extra noise, which means some interference in the audio in some parts of the video.

The main focus of this lesson:

  • Slope operations (student’s first attempt)
  • Autorotation to the flare (student’s first attempt) with camera facing down on controls
  • Governor malfunctions requiring manual override

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


01:20 point to wind direction on compass to help get situational awareness & help remember
01:45 check frictions are off before pickup
11:05 demonstration of slope landing
16:50 student 1st attempts at slopes
22:00 always clear above when climbing
24:45 simulated governor malfunction – manual throttle
28:05 listen for changes in RPM
28:55 using aft cyclic to increase RPM (temporarily)
30:20 maneuvers with governor off
33:30 make sure you can reach governor switch on preflight- push throttle grip back if not
34:45 give traffic position to crew using clock positions and high, level or low. E.g. “11 o’clock low”
39:40 go around
44:40 air taxi & quick stop
48:26 demonstration of autorotation to flare
55:50 camera facing down student 1st autorotation to flare (hits his spot!)
1:00:25 simulated engine failure, but videos cuts out (due to camera battery drained)

To view all the videos in this series, check out this YouTube playlist of all the Flight Training Sessions (Full-Length Unedited)

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