Day 3 – Helicopter Training Flight #3 – Camera facing down over controls – pickup/setdown, hover & patterns

This is the third training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22, this time with the camera facing down over the controls more.

This flight continues to build on the basics from the first few flights – allowing the student to get a feel for the controls while covering approaches, patterns and hover work. We also try to get the student to make some radio calls depending on their progress.

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.


00:30 Frictions checks
00:40 Don’t let the governor run away with RPM
01:05 Low RPM check
03:00 Demo of hover taxi – watch how small the control movements are
04:30 Always know where the wind is coming from
05:00 Clearing taxiway intersections
05:10 Take off radio calls
06:00 Take off – watch cyclic movements
09:00 Check wind socks on downwind
10:00 Watch the cyclic movements in the turns
11:00 Approach – watch controls
12:10 Don’t bounce the cyclic – add pressure & holds
13:05 Delay in the controls
14:10 Noise abatement
15:30 Double check wind socks! Change up the traffic pattern… maybe
19:00 Demo approach to hover & take off – watch controls
22:30 Radio calls – “on” vs “turning”
23:30 Why lose airspeed in turn?
23:20 Pedals when lowering collective
26:30 Hover work

To view all the videos in this series, check out this YouTube playlist of all the Flight Training Sessions (Full-Length Unedited)

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