Day 2 – Helicopter Training Flight #2 – More Hovering, Approaches & Patterns…

This is the second training flight in a series following a student through his flight training from day 1 to checkride in an R22. This flight continues to build on the basics from the first flight – allowing the student to get a feel for the controls while covering approaches, patterns and hover work. We also try to get the student to make some radio calls depending on their progress. This flight also covers start-up, shut down, a go-around and air taxi.

Below the video are time-stamped notes/tips for the flight.

Note that the voice volume is low until headsets are on (6:45). 


6:45 Headsets on and voice volume audible
07:30 Guarding controls as a passenger gets in and out
07:50 Checklist – go one/two above last line when interrupted
08:20 25 PSI in first 30 seconds or…
10:40 Keep left hand on throttle and Crew Resource Management
11:25 Why we keep our hand on the throttle
12:58 Sprag clutch check
13:54 Why we keep our hand on the throttle FOR REAL!
14:30 Manifold pressure limits for the day
15:05 Rolling up over 80% but slowing the governor
16:15 Roll DOWN for low RPM warning check – fingernails up
17:00 All the green – but where in the green?
17:30 Volume levels
19:25 Before every pickup – where is the wind coming from?
20:10 Instructor demos a pickup
20:15 Friction off check
24:20 Instructor demos a take off
24:35 Student takes control
24:55 Avoid the flow of fixed wing traffic…
25:20 300′ above ground level (AGL) before making turns & clear before turns
26:10 Downwind checks
26:25 Is it a right or left downwind?
26:50 Review your options for landing while on downwind
27:20 Extended downwind
28:10 Base leg – look out for final traffic & other base traffic
28:50 Pre-landing check
29:07 Approach angle – sight picture
29:25 Loose grip on throttle
30:05 Go around
31:22 Plan to get hover and approach work come together
32:00 Upwind leg
34:30 Always check final approach and other base before turning final
35:40 Always check wind on final
36:10 Air taxi over to Bravo taxiway
37:20 Air taxi to hover taxi
38:00 Pick up pedals & collective only
39:00 Pedal turns in hover (student on pedal & collective only)
40:20 Tail wind in a hover
41:40 Tail Rotor Vortex Ring State
42:20 Set down (student on pedals & collective down)
43:50 Hover taxi (student on cyclic only)
45:00 Watch horizon to see attitude & pendulum effect/delay
47:35 Pressure more than movement on the cyclic
48:20 Hover in place during pedal turns (student on cyclic only)
50:20 Set down & pickup (student on cyclic only)
50:45 Loose grip on cyclic
53:54 Hover work (student on all controls)

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