GoPro mount in the R22 and R44 helicopter

I’ve had a few questions about the GoPro mount in the R22 and R44 helicopter and how I capture the radio and intercom audio.  I have tried many different audio and mount options and finally came up with something that works very well. Watch the video below for the details.


Here is a link to each of the pieces on Amazon (I found to usually be the best price):

I have to set the GoPro upside down, make sure you set the settings to record upside down or you will have to rotate all your videos afterwards. Also, I record at 720P 30 FPS – 1080 is great but takes forever to copy to my PC, upload, work with in an editor and I didn’t notice enough of a difference to warrant the extra file sizes.

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  1. Hi, I’m a private pilot from Ecuador. I’ve watch many of your videos and they are awesome and helpful, I would like to know where is you flight training school?


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