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SFAR 73 Awareness Training required before first R22/R44 flight

Helicopter Training Videos

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Helicopter Systems Posts

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How a Service Bulletin is born…

A good example of how a mechanical failure leads to a manufacturer’s Service Bulletin (SB) being issued: Accident: NTSB Accident Brief of Accident Which leads to… Service Bulletin: Robinson R44 Service Bulletin SB-86 – Rotor …

Vibrations in Helicopters

R22 Main Rotor Yoke Cracking – AD 2000-20-51

Turbine Helicopters

Piston Powered Helicopters

Helicopter Aerodynamics Posts

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In a flare, why does manifold pressure decrease?

HTV recently received this question: “In a flare, why does manifold pressure decrease?” When you make a flare or a steep turn in forward flight, the momentum of the aircraft trying to stay on it’s …

Near OGE hover limits with a tailwind…

Helicopter Airfoils

Torque Reaction in Helicopters

Three Axes of Rotation

Flight Maneuvers

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Zero Speed Autorotation with 360 degree turn – Helicopter Flight Maneuvers

This is a reference video of unedited footage from inside the cockpit during Zero Speed Autorotation with 360 degree turn in an R22 helicopter. This maneuver itself is not required for Private or Commercial ratings, …

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